hi-tech aeronautical carbonfiber drones 100% Made in Italy

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Devilray, a unique challenge for this sector!

The lightest and most sophisticated carbonfiber drone of the moment. This aircraft is 100% Made in Italy, has an intriguing design and is handy. Each piece is handmade and tailored with care while undergoing the same technologies used for Formula 1 cars and aeronautics. Fully customizable with every technological, graphical and component solution.


Custom Design

Devilray® is a highly customizable tailor made drone, both technologically and aesthetically. Motors, propellers blades, LED lights, remote control unit and livery can assume the infinite combinations of your personal taste and carry your signature: during curing, the unique code embedded in the monocoque will include your name or the name you have chosen.


A beautiful mind

Devilray(™) is available in two electronic configurations:
SOFT has been conceived for pilots approaching the drone world for the first time
HARD for more experienced and seasoned pilots


Starway to heaven

Each carbonfiber propeller is directly produced by CarbonDrone and is meticulously and perfectly balanced during the manufacturing process for guaranteed best inflight performance.


Evil eye

Devilray® is equipped with a camera directly integrated into the monocoque, capable of taking Full HD photos and video.
You will be able to follow subjectively in remote via ground monitor while recording on the onboard SD memory card.


Stiletto heels

The four elegant carbonfiber landing gear legs are equipped with the CDFF CarbonDrone Fast Fit bayonet rapid mounting system.
The patented locking system allows for rapid mounting without any wiring for the LED electrical contact.
The base heels in carbonfiber paste ensure correct grip during landing. o.


Beyond the lights

The lighting system is Made in Italy, with high-powered LED lights (15W/m).
The LED lights are positioned on the landing gear legs, frontally and posteriorly on the monocoque.
The basic LED color configuration is the aeronautical one (red port, green starboard, for identification of position and direction also from long distance), but can also be customized according to your style.


The mentalist

The captivating shape of the DevilRay® remote control unit grows into your hands such that you can pilot intuitively and naturally via a modern and engaging device, wile being extremely light and hi tech.
The standard livery comprises a shiny logo on visual carbonfiber, but you can customize it for graphics and color, and have your name laser etched.