Out from the crowd

Take two hands that for over 30 years have created carbonfiber GP and F1 bodywork, add an Italian designer with his fluid pencil stroking out sinuous, sleek lines; put an electronic engineer with expertise in drafting and 3D animation, together with an aircraft and drone pilot who lives with a Piper in his living room; add it all together to a graphic designer / photographer / aircraft pilot and to a motorcycle journalist with a passion for motorbikes and airplanes, and the team is made.


Talking amongst ourselves, commonly attracted to the propagation of the drone phenomenon, it dawned on us that existing drones were either for work or toys: from the most professional to the least expensive they were poorly finished in any case, with the manufacturers seemingly focusing on the development of the electronics, whereas the frames were assembled crudely, often with DIY-sourced components commonly available to everyone.


What was lacking was therefore that drone capable of making dreams, of reaching and touching emotion, making that chord resonate. So, we said: “let’s do it ourselves!”


CarbonDrone was born in 2014 from the genial and bizarre mind of Alain Mestdagh and all of us, professional figures tied to him and to the MotoGP and Formula 1 worlds, that one day united and concentrated the racing temperament and years of experience in racing, to design and manufacture the drone that wasn’t there.


Devilray® was born, the first drone whose objective is to be fun and entertain, a concentrate of technology capable of flying within luxury, bringing with it as a world premiere carbonfiber nobility, the elegance of Italian design and the exclusivity of customization. The unique challenge in the sector of distinction from everything else, like that marine ray that from the sea takes off and rises to the sky, from which DevilRay derives its name.

The Carbondrone Flight Team

Alain Mestdagh – Team manager

Ing. Gabriele Pipere – Engineer and Designer

Fabio Moroni – Technical Manager
Gianni Triggiani – Graphic Designer

Marco Robustini – Pilot and Tester

Gilberto Marchesan – Pilot and Tester

Alice Margaria – PR and Communication Officer